Establishment of the company: April 1992
Number of employees: 20


The company was established as an engineering group with the intention to fill in the gaps of companies that provide expertise and industrial application of control systems. The basic condition for establishment of the company was a joint decision of the founding members to find a new form of self-satisfaction within the company ContEx, based on wide experience and successful applications of advanced control systems.

The source of our experience can be traced in years of practice in the field of automation and process control in Slovnaft refinery, which enabled us to have contact with the most up-to-date means of control equipment produced by companies such as Foxboro or Honeywell.


At present phase of the company development, ContEx is based upon three principal products:

In 1996 ContEx became a system integrator of Allen-Bradley products (Rockwell Automation now). In 1997 ContEx signed an engineering contract with the company Foxboro (The Invensys Company now).